In the world of today, things are been developed day by day and this is done by the knowledge obtained from education. So Education means more than acquiring knowledge. It empowers people to develop personally and become polititically active. Education is also the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgement, and generally of preparing oneself or others future challenges.

Knowledge is power- this insight is at least four centries old, formulated by francis bacon during the enlightenment. His statement has lost nothing in terms of relevance and signifance. Knowledge is power, and education is the fundament precondition for political development, democaracy and social justice.

Education as a source of power, stands as a process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.

Education is a cognitive mapping of reliable access to optimal states of mind. Education is an all round development both socially, economically and spirituially.

Education defines the lives and concerns of many young people in some countries like China and many develpoped countries in the world. It was the educated and the middle class that set protests in motion. Particularly the younger among them: 20-35 year olds, often students or academics, who felt decieved by the regime and slighted in opportunites. From Rabat to Riad.

Education empowers, and education promotes greater participation.

There is no development without education : but two of Asia’s fastest growing economics, India and China, show that education has economic advantages. A third example: In the 1950s, south Korea was in worse condition than many African countries are today. Investments in equal education access for men and women, together with better health care and access to shelter, have contributed to a decrease in infact mortality rates and to an economic boom.          

Education has been the main key to knowledge for years. The power of education extends beyound the development of skills we need for economic success. It can contribute to nation-building and reconcilation.

Signifance of this power

Education has the power to change everything: just imagine being born into east Africa where the average persons earns $1.50 per day yet must pay $450 for one year of public university. So what happens if you are dedicated to create a better world but you are not born with the previledge to gain a higher level education ? The answer is simple: lack of opportunity equals the lack of ability to make changes that our world needs. The main known nelson mandela said ‘education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.. Educated students have the power to change lives, their community and the world.

Educaton changes a country standard: compare the world of today and the world of before, you will notice difference, and what do you think brought the difference, the answer is EDUCATION. Looking at the development done over the years since the beginning of time, improvement of knowledge (i.e. education) brought the development of technolgy to the world and standard of a country.

Education means participation: In long run ,no illegitimate regime will be able to withstand the power of a well-educated majority. Once such a populace is in place, it opens up the possibility of greater participation and democratic change. A well-edcated citizen knows right to vote and be voted for. Education is the princle thing for participation in things that are reconized in the world of the today.

A fundamental human rights: there is no development without education. The world community has long since reconized this fact and developed clear political demands and consciousness on the subject as well. Education brings the development of human rights in the world.

It gives room to deep knowledge of the global environment eradicating ignorance.

It is a source of self empowerment, independent and confidence.

It eliminates all the diseases associated with illiteracy: education solves all the problems allocated with those who have not gone to school .

Education is knowledge and knowledge is power


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samuel odemuyiwa

my name is samuel odemuyiwa albert. i am studying computer science at lead city university, ibadan.

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