ini nd rita
For those who are very close to these top actresses and producers, Ini Edo-Ehiagwina and Rita Dominic, this story is actually hitting the news desk late. This is because the actresses have remained sworn enemies for almost three years now. According to the information, beautiful Ini Edo and pretty Rita are not only beefing each other but also have gradually turned irreconcilable enemies for many months.

It was revealed that enmity started between these actresses when Rita allegedly went to Ini to beg for Akwa-Ibom state governor’s contact, after explaining that she was in quest of sponsorship for her movie production. Having heard that the governor loves entertainment industry, especially Nollywood, she assumed that her movie job will be supported fully.

Mrs. Ehiagwina who was very close to Akwa-Ibom governor, God’swill Akpabio before her wedding to Mr. Philip Ehiagwina allegedly not only gave her close friend and colleague the contact she needed, but also directed her on how to get the goodwill from the governor.
However, the bubble burst when Ms. Dominic was claimed to have demanded more than movie support, and started going behind Ini to enjoy other largesse and the other things that have actually became history.
Happily married Mrs. Ehiagwina was said to have discovered this development many months ago during her few visits to her state’s government house, where she ran into Ms. Dominic. Since then, it has been a cold war to finish between the two actresses.

they have rejected all efforts made by their close friends to settle their misunderstanding, as they do not say ‘Hi’ to each other or even come a bit close to each other no matter who is watching.
Nevertheless, sincere friends are still begging Ini Edo to please forgive Rita and settle the long rift as fighting does not bring any credit.


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